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We provide
Customized Meal Plan
Our team of professional nutritionists will develop a customized plan for you. We will take into account your physiological characteristics and possible chronic diseases. You will complete a Quiz, and its results will affect the final outcome and help us understand your needs better.
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We guarantee that our Meal Plans are unique and work 100%.
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* To get a free plan, take the quiz to let us customize your Meal Plan for your needs

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* To get a free plan, take the quiz to let us customize your Meal Plan for your needs

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Only professional nutritionists

Meal plans are developed by a team of professional nutritionists, who have created a unique system for assessing the patient’s physiological state, based on 50 important health ...
parameters. Each plan is created based on clinical studies, which are regularly monitored by our specialists and adjusted according to current trends. It took us a year to develop this system and only being 100% ready for real tests, we present our program with a nutrition plan for everyone, who wants to build the body of their dreams correctly, without harm to the body.


Results guarantee

By following all the recommendations of our meal plans, you are guaranteed to improve your body, get rid of excess weight and feel much


Weight loss and health improvement

Our meal plans are designed not only to control your weight, but also to improve your health. Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem. Following our plans...
, you can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, strengthen the health of the cardiovascular system, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, correct problems with the gastrointestinal tract and even improve libido.


Real support

You won’t have to go through the entire process on your own. Every month you will take a new Quizz, and wewill update your plan based on its results ...
, according to the changes achieved. In addition, we will regularly provide recommendations and advice that will help you achieve results faster.
Results of our work
Life stories that inspire us to be better

Zoe Holm

In addition to the extra kg, Zoe complains of abdominal discomfort during diets, heaviness in the stomach after meals.

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Barbara Mur
Due to obesity, Sarah developed chronic fatigue. Thanks to proper nutrition, we improved her well-being and appearance.
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Feedback from our clients
It's only been 2 weeks since I bought Meal Plan, but I already understand how important it was for me to take this step. You are changing my life for better.
Andrew Belkin
A radically new approach to the creation and framing of the Meal Plan. There’s no one like you out there. Your product is the best on the market
Veronica Siomina
4 weeks have already passed and I see results. I want to keep moving forward and your recommendations keep me on my toes. It helps a lot
Lila Florris
Being a mother to a 3rd I felt like I was going backward with my health and eating. Diet plan MHW has really helped me with myself control. I have lost a bit of weight but mainly feel powerful and in control of my eating
Sara McMillan
I absolutely love the result with MHW. I lost 13.5kg and I had so much more energy. Amazing guys.
Veronica Siomina