Results of using the MHW plan in a patient with excess weight and chronic fatigue







MHW overview

1. Barbara addressed with the problem of 30 extra kg.

2. In addition to the extra kilos, she complains of being always tired, not even having the energy for grocery shopping or cooking food after work. Coffee no longer helps her to energize (muscle weakness, physical exertion intolerance).



What we did

  • Based on the diagnostic questionnaires, we determined Class 2 obesity and signs of chronic fatigue.

    why is this important?

    A series of processes takes place affecting overall health condition: Stress - the brain sends the "fight or flight" signal - the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract decreases - the sympathetic nervous system turns on, the parasympathetic turns on - the activity of the vagus nerve decreases - the weak activity of the vagus nerve does not allow the gallbladder to contract normally - compressed bile ducts worsen the flow of pancreatic juice in the pancreas - the stomach cannot relax, it contracts poorly, acidity decreases - intestinal motility is impaired - digestion slows down, food cannot be qualitatively digested!

  • Based on the conclusions made, we created a strategy suitable for this problem. Namely, we slightly raised the level of simple carbohydrates, we introduced products that help the body regenerate and get out of the state of chronic fatigue.

    why is this important?

    High cortisol - stimulates leptin production - leptin resistance (leptin grows and cells do not react - there is no hunger control) - extra kilos build up.

    Because of this, we can't focus only on calories, we have to delve deeper into the problem in order to have long-term results.

  • We have developed a meal plan with client-specific calorie intake, which includes products required to help the body lower the cortisol level. We have developed tasty recipes so that Barbara could follow the plan with pleasure, lose weight, and without the discomfort of fatigue.


- 15 kg in just 3 months

- 10 cm in waist circumference

Sleep disorders and anxiety disappeared

Ability to focus has increased significantly